1. The common tool: E for English

The global world that has become an interconnected village uses English as THE international language. Any citizens of the world now share English as common property and must have a good knowledge of it.

Communication in English makes it possible to acquire knowledge, information, keeping them updated at all times, exchange them and build everywhere in the world-village.

In short, communication is going towards the other and breaking the walls. Communication in English is the COMMON TOOL of lifetime education.

This language is and will remain alive. It will get enriched by the diversity of mentalities and lifestyles. This living international language will have to be transmitted as soon as kindergarten.

A general meaning, a sense of the background will be favored. They will lead to communication skills and community living. A pure approach to grammar and syntax will be avoided, as it will be stressed gradually in the later years.

Training in this international language will be a constant focus throughout the initial and continuous education.

This training should not interfere with the one devoted to the mother tongue throughout the lifetime of education. Only the mother tongue conveys the specific way of thinking of a country and its identity. It is therefore the PRIORITY. Learning it day by day, from the youngest age, shapes the individual’s identity.

We can go towards the other and stay true to ourselves by training in our mother tongue - FIRST AND FOREMOST, and in English, the international language.

Methodology 01
The Foundation B’Lao fosters this initiative with companies that engage in lifetime Education.

Methodology 02
Continuous education in ECE (English Connexion Education) – Training for connection = communication using English at every location of the Group

2. The method: P for Practice

Here again, it is a day-by-day endeavor.

We favor practice rather than theory in transmission, training, and education. This will result in knowledge, know-how and professional know-how. We are therefore driven by our core values which are always in our minds, through living experience.

By stressing more on being operational, we don’t lose anything as regards the consistency of the content:

  • From kindergarten, the Montessori method, in continuous improvement, practices it daily.
  • During the following stages of the initial education, vocational learning, which is extended gradually to all functions, applies it.
  • The continuous education will carry on this focus by giving priority to practical cases.

Initial education - Kindergarten: Inside a Montessori classroom

Initial education: Practicing traffic rules at Kindergarten

Initial education- Kindergarten: Playing time

Initial education: Practicing in vegetables garden at Kindergarten

Continuous education: Regular training in Organization System – Continuous Improvement of the Group

3. The transmission vectors of the core values, in a continuous manner: S for Sport – A for Art

The Foundation B’Lao, within its companies, promotes sport (such as martial arts) and art (such as instrument playing, singing, dancing) as the vectors of the continuous transmission of the Foundation’s core values.

From early childhood, going on the Initial Education, sport and art are taught in a unique way, to a level never achieved before and that they deserve, and in connection with the Continuous Education within the companies of Foundation B’Lao.

Within the framework of continuous training in which soccer and martial arts particularly shine; Group Financière B'Lao and Scavi organize annual multi-sports tournaments which will be extended to the partner companies, as well as the schools and universities connected to the Group.

In 2018, The Group will integrate former international athletes, who have excelled in their discipline and embody our key values. Their joining will structure Sports Education within the group and will reach the partner companies, the schools, and universities connected to the Group.

What can be more practical than sport when it comes to giving children, young people, and adults the passion for effort? Is there a better way to practice reaching out beyond, forging team spirit, and sharing?

Houses of Culture (instrument playing, singing, and dancing) are set up in the Group’s enterprises and offer the opportunity to bring forth artistic talents.

Indeed, nothing brings people closer instantly and spontaneously, in a wall-free, creative yet rigorous environment than music and dance.

Initial education - Kindergarten: The swimming pool

MethodologyAnnual Open Sport Tournament - 2018 Open Sport Tournament in Hue, VN

Continuous education – Scavi Hue: House of Culture

Initial education – Kindergarten: Musical initiation

4. E for Evaluation

  • The Kindergarten: the Foundation B’Lao is setting up a target - evaluation grid in accordance with international standards, reinforced by an evaluation grid in line with its values;
  • The Apprenticeship - Continuous Education: ECE (English Connexion Education): Here too, in association with companies and schools, the Foundation B’Lao is setting up a target - evaluation grid in accordance with international standards, reinforced by an evaluation grid in line with its values.


This will hopefully initiate a righteous link between the companies and the public power, in order to put lifetime Education at the center of the collective endeavor, as well as the key values it carries out.

This attraction must first start from the companies themselves, in connection with the educational system of the areas in which they are established.

Our contribution and our vision are really long-term.

We could sum up our faith this way: thanks to this new kindergarten, a child will be in touch with what interests him the most, what corresponds to his strengths, and this very early. The same child growing up at school later on, through the widespread vocational training (all functions – all occupations) that the Foundation B’Lao is eager to promote, will take advantage of the practical contacts with a range of occupations that all have a future.

He will have enough time to assess and reassess the activity that he enjoys doing the most (we believe that passion is key to success in anything) and for which he shows the best skills. Therefore, he will be able to make the best professional choice at the right time.

Meanwhile, he will receive the whole set of key values within the transmission of knowledge, know-how, and professional know-how. They will help him to give meaning to what he will do of his own free will.

Foundation B'Lao wishes to carry out this belief: we can only go along this path if we are totally committed and organized at the large scale of companies that act as co-actors of the lifetime Education, starting with the biggest ones, interacting closely with the public power at a high level never achieved before.

The reason is simple. The reform can only begin by setting up adequate financial and social statutes. These being clear will attract the best talents to be teachers in the lifetime education program year after year.

To achieve this goal, only companies have the financial ability to add to the resources of the public sphere.

The companies which will commit to such a social endeavor will profit from it. Through the quality and adequacy of their human resources and of their values, this commitment will sustain their economic performances in the long run.

The history of the Group is the living proof of the close synergy between a key-values-centered social commitment and enduring economic performance: The Group was established from scratch 30 years ago by Mr. Phu TRAN VAN. He arrived in France at the age of 20, 42 years ago, with nothing in his pockets. The company has always had a 20% annual growth rate and reached 40% in the first semester of 2017.

At present, the Group gathers around 15.000 members who work and contribute every day.

This is the BIG BANG of Corporate Performance combined with the Educational BIG BANG.

Foundation B'Lao draws an emphasis on developing this commitment in Lifetime Education, first in the under-developed areas in which its companies operate or plan to operate. Those are the areas that need the combined effort of companies and the public sphere in the education program the most.

Thus, B'Lao is planning the creation of the second pioneer kindergarten between 2018 and 2019 in Saint-Denis (Department 93) - France; it will be the starting point for the commitment of the Foundation B’Lao in Lifetime Education in France. This action will then be extended to vocational learning, including both professional education and general and higher education: this action will be extended to continuous education towards unemployed persons of Saint-Denis. This is the mutual interest of the regions and of the companies.

This ‘co commitment of companies in Lifetime Education - first in these under-developed areas - aims at giving everyone the same chance, from childhood to adulthood, regardless of origins and social background.

It is by acting at the source that the Foundation B’Lao and the Group translate its social responsibility for the long run. In Lifetime Education, the foundation and the Group, therefore, reinforce the collective effort in a thorough and pragmatic way, from the inside and starting from the crucial phase that is childhood.

The foundation supports the idea of an active social responsibility which expresses the vision of our Founder: “Through education, give back and contribute to the community”.